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I’m bleeding and dying…
Shying away from the tears in my mind
Within an illusionary world I am trying
Though hate surrounds my kind

I have chains heavy like lead …
Causing me to constantly frown
Search for a way to break away from the dead
The dead thoughts that tie me down.

The shrill racket of sorrow surrounds
Is it the drumming of a heart in the walls of tin?
My soul’s empty but then what is that sound!
Dejected, rejected, yet beating…isn’t that a sin??

I hold my breath hoping to keep everything still
To keep motions, thought, & feelings at a static pace
I realize nothing is in my hands, so what good is a will?
I have no say on what events I will be forced to face.

Yet you give me the mind to know the emptiness inside
And the cure you say ‘ is loving ones own soul’
I believe the word, laughing at the inability I bide
Need to be loved externally too. Yes… I know that’s not the goal!

Don’t preach to me the strategy from externality.
I have read the books too…I know the rules
I’ve had enough of this daily façade of liberty
What I want is a soul mate who can be a fool.

Don’t want someone consumed by how he should act
He stops his heart from feeling weakness to another
Aloofness, independence, and an abundance of tact
If you can’t find the soul …then why bother!

Paradox….we live in a world full of ‘em
Wanting for a strong and steady man
But what do you do once you’ve got that gem
Become a parasite; wrap around it all you can

The weak ones we think will love us true
They will be with us in love, life, sorrow and sin,
After all they are the parasites that we grew
Who is the stronger or the weaker? Who wins?

Prakriti Poddar

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