Fearless Living

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Fearless Living

Life is a brief moment in space

With every human fighting for a place

They all seem to be playing various parts

Instead of going along with their hearts.

Wouldn’t you think the world would be great

If people abolished their fear and hate?!

How can you expect the best from your life

If everyday you have to strife?


Follow examples from the past

Jesus and Buddha made love last

Jesus is the one that I know best

He loved and forgave even as he was laid to rest.


Forgiveness is a very important trait

It lifts you up and joy enters your fate.

Why burden yourself with anger and pain?

In time you’ll realize, it doesn’t bring any gain.


Freedoms from these barriers take,

Keep your mind placid as the lake

Let deep emotional currents move along,

And put fear behind where they belong.


You have your life to live, do the best you can

Cut of pain and hatred you ban.

Live for each day…. happy and free

Finding beauty in everything you see


He gave us a lot of examples to look up to

Examples to guide everything we do

Take a tree, it stands tall…

Doesn’t fear being naked in the fall.


You too can root yourself, and yet stand tall,

Reach for happiness…. its your call

That’s all I am going to say today,

I hope it helps you in some way.


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