Customer Service Skills

Customer Care

  1. Benefits of customer centered org
  2. Changing customer behaviour
  3. Long term relationship with customer.
  4. Communication
  5. Creating goodwill
  6. What is a good service
  7. Customer relationship management
  8. Internal and external customer
  9. Listening to customer

 Customer Retention

  1. Learn the key to retaining your customers.
  2. Know their business without intruding.
  3. Learn how to build a rapport with personnel as well as customers.
  4. Learn to LISTEN
  5. Handling Customer Rejections

 Customer Handling

  1. You will be taught how to assess a person character type using your sixth sense as well as the basic personality type tips.
  2. Who is your customer? (The different types of personalities assessed)
  3. What are his/her requirements?
  4. How should one handle the customer?
  5. What is our unique clinching factor with the customer?

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