Holistic Wellness

Founded by Prakriti Poddar in 2001 in Toronto, Canada, Mind Over Image Consulting was a front-runner in incorporating a holistic approach to emotional wellness. Our goal has been to move people to lead happier, healthier lives.

This social enterprise focuses on helping one experience the best in themselves. It is built to break down roadblocks and drive one to their excellence. Therapies and  techniques deployed are Counseling, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Therapy, Bio-Viewer Mapping, Hypnosis, Regression Therapy, Neuro linguistic Programming, Life Coaching, Neurofeedback / Biofeedback, Peak Performance Development, and Brain-training for spiritual and meditative enhancement.

The MOI Boost booth is open to people coming in to find peace or pieces of themselves. They have access to alternate therapies or can simply come in to experience their being.

Curated holistic workshops are hosted on our site and available on webinars for our members. 

Nobody is too young or too old to walk in to MOI.

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About Dr. Prakriti Poddar

Dr. Prakriti Poddar started healing at a very early age. She started Mind Over Image in 2001 and has been Consulting with corporates and Individuals since. Her extensive experience in the fields of Consulting, Hypnotherapy and Counseling has led to hundreds of satisfied clients.

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