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Neuro linguistic programming in india is a rarely found approach to deal with mental restrictions. As a direct adaptation of the programme first created by Richard Brandler and John Grinder in California, the wide reaching benefits of this therapy are coming to be recognized all over the world. Neurolinguistic Programming in India has been catching on with people interested in connecting with themselves better.

Neurolinguistic Program combines the approaches of Psychotherapy, Communication and Personal Development. The program also focuses on connections between the language and the neurological processes, as well as the behavioural patterns (which are learnt through experience).

Our clients are urged to make use of their capability of modeling the skills of successful people, introducing the possibility for a person to acquire those important skills. The therapy is also effective in treating many types of disorders that could weigh you down in life.


The three main components of NLP therapy include-

Subjectivity- Our experiences are deemed as subjective representations, often being created by our own understandings. These representations are constituted by 5 senses of vision, olfaction, gestation, tactition and audition. As we are in constant use of these senses, and the representations are subjective, they can be altered to reform the behaviour pattern of an individual.

Consciousness- Our daily interaction comprises of the functioning of our conscious and unconscious. The subjective representation of experience occurs beyond the conscious awareness of the person and hence, is part of the “unconscious mind”.

Learning- NLP uses the modeling technique of learning. It codifies and then conditions to imitate the behavior pattern of the ideal performer in any field of activity. An important part of this codification process is the sequential description of the sensory or the linguistic representation of the subjective experience of the model.

Benefits of NLP include-

  • It promotes mental growth, by overcoming obstacles caused by learning deficiencies. NLP targets these difficulties and helps a person to learn efficiently, promote self and mental growth, which enables one to understand their goals and reach for success without any barriers.
  • NLP provides a deep relaxation and also offers lower level of anxiety, which improves the learning capability.
  • NLP helps to alter your habits and condition you to achieve habits which will help you to reach your goals. Some bad habits like procrastination and laziness, which are some of the most common cause of hindering a person’s capability to succeed.
  • NLP helps to overcome anxiety, which is suggested to be the main obstacle in achieving optimum performance. It creates self-doubt and lowers self-esteem. NLP uses guided imagery and relaxation to cope with anxiety.

Why Neuro Linguistic programming and treatment?

Achievement is well received both by the achiever and the onlooker. At times, confusion becomes a cause for disregarding our goals and settling for a lesser version of ourselves. Dealing with this void becomes difficult especially if you look to achieve challenging goals in your life. Neuro-linguistic programming hard wires your mind to deal with these shortcomings through tried and tested practices, mirrored directly from the best of the best.

Neuro linguistic programming in Mumbai is available at Mind Over Image Consulting, where we have included the session in our Mental and Emotional wellness package. We additionally use it in conjunction with counseling, hypnotherapy and other aligned therapies.

NLP therapy in India is conducted at our center for mindfulness and wellbeing with the best practitioners in the country.

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About Dr. Prakriti Poddar

Dr. Prakriti Poddar started healing at a very early age. She started Mind Over Image in 2001 and has been Consulting with corporates and Individuals since. Her extensive experience in the fields of Consulting, Hypnotherapy and Counseling has led to hundreds of satisfied clients.

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