Psychological Counseling

Don’t let small problems get more dominant!

Our counselors focus on building back a client’s mental resources. A client’s own skills and understanding is enhanced using scientifically validated techniques of therapy. Through our counseling sessions emotional resilience is renewed to encourage an effective approach for a productive lifestyle.

Self-actualized people understand the root of their problems and overcome their obstacles consciously. Flexing the self-awareness muscle usually helps you to avoid dysfunctional thoughts that cause behavior problems, which could avoid relationship issues. Counseling soothes your mind to achieve optimum levels of mind activity for your personal and interpersonal life.

MOI’s psychological counselors in Mumbai are some of the best psychotherapists in India.  

Should I give psychotherapy a try?

Psychotherapy in India has come to grow widely over the years. This technique helps a client recognize pitfalls in their ways of dealing with challenges, and overcome the hurdles with desired behavior. There exist variations of psychotherapy to diagnose and confront mental challenges, many being a specialty of the psychologist’s here at MOI.   


Through Individual counseling our focus usually lies on resolving immediate concerns or the ones that will affect your immediate future. You will build an alliance with some of the best psychologist doctors in Mumbai, based on trust that will help you in the personal growth.

If you find yourself in any of the following scenarios, it means we can help you through psychotherapy-

  • You feel an overwhelming, prolonged sense of helplessness and sadness.
  • Your problems don’t seem to get better despite your efforts and help from family and friends.
  • You find it difficult to concentrate on work assignments or to carry out other everyday activities.
  • You worry excessively, expect the worst or are constantly on edge.
  • Your actions, such as drinking too much alcohol, using drugs or being aggressive, are harming you or others.

If so, speak to us. We perform different therapies to help you.

  • There are at least thousands of different variations, both major and minor of psychotherapy. There are also other variations which are based on different methods of psychological techniques that are used for treating the patients as well.
  • There is also some definition of counseling that overlaps a lot with psychotherapy. Or counseling may even be referred to as providing effective guidance to the daily life problems that are of shorter durations and also has got less medical focus too.
  • Psychotherapy is also sometimes known as talking therapy. However, not all the variations of psychotherapy solely rely on the oral communication. The treatment of psychotherapy is designed to suit the need of the patient who is undergoing the therapy.


Group Counseling is another type of effective counseling conducted at Mind Over Image Consulting. This is for people sharing the same issues, where you get a chance to interact and overcome difficulties with compassionate support.

Our group counseling programs have also benefitted a large number of families, where all the members of the family have attended the session collectively.  

Benefits of Group Counseling include

  1. Group sessions help individuals come together to share similar experiences in a supportive and safe environment.
  2. The interactive group sessions allow each member of the group to learn about different perspectives and behaviors from each other.
  3. Interpersonal Counseling aids with building skills for active listening, constructive feedback and supporting each and this aids in building your emotional intelligence and promotes better emotional management.

We experience depression, anxiety or another mental disorder at any stage in our lives. Others need help coping with serious illnesses, losing weight or chain-smoking. We also have personal issues to cope with such as relationship troubles, job loss, the death of a loved one, stress, substance abuse. And these problems can often become debilitating.

A clinically trained psychologist can help you work through any issues which you find tough on yourself. Through psychotherapy, psychologists help people of all ages live happier, healthier and more productive lives.

Psychologists apply scientifically validated procedures to help people develop healthier, more effective habits. There are several approaches to psychotherapy cognitive-behavioral, interpersonal and other kinds of talk therapy — that help you work through your problems.

Psychotherapy is a collaborative treatment based on the relationship between an individual and a psychologist. Grounded in dialogue, it provides a supportive environment that allows you to talk openly with someone who’s objective, neutral and nonjudgmental. You and your psychologist will work together to identify and change the thought and behavior patterns that are keeping you from feeling your best.

By the time you’re done, you will not only have solved the problem that brought you in, but you will have learned new skills so you can better cope with whatever challenges arise in the future.

Mind Over Image houses some of the top psychological counselllors in Mumbai and provides helpful, intensive sessions to patients. Our clinic collaborates with the best psychologist doctors in Mumbai, ensuring that your issues are dealt with in a sensitive and productive manner. Known as one of the leading practitioners of psychotherapy in India, Dr. Prakriti and her team treat each patient with love and care, knowing how delicate some mental health issues can be. There’s a reason why Mind Over Image is called the best psychologist doctors in Mumbai

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About Dr. Prakriti Poddar

Dr. Prakriti Poddar started healing at a very early age. She started Mind Over Image in 2001 and has been Consulting with corporates and Individuals since. Her extensive experience in the fields of Consulting, Hypnotherapy and Counseling has led to hundreds of satisfied clients.

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