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Dr Prakriti Poddar- Best Mental health experts in mumbai, India

Prakriti was born in India, but was raised all around the world. Her growing up years took her from one boarding school to another and from one country to another. The constant environmental changes drove her to remain fearlessly connected to her own spirit. But no matter where life took her she took a break at her grandmother’s home. Her grandmother, a prolific healer and soothsayer taught her faith healing before she learned how to read or write, making it a part of her natural development, which of course led her to taking it for granted for decades to come.

In those decades she lived between Muscat, Toronto, New York, and India and had the opportunity to develop deep understanding of human beings, their cultural differences, their personal drives and their pitfalls. Her training in the different facets of therapy and understanding of human psyche drove her to create her own techniques to drive rejuvenation of the spirit to exponentially deeper level.

Despite being from a fairly open minded family there were undercurrents of norm and the subtle pressures nudged her to dabble in the more acceptable careers like Banking, IT, and Fashion. None kept her spirit engaged. It was then at the age of 25 that Prakriti started Mind Over Image Consulting.

Dr. Prakriti Poddar spends most of her time providing therapy, developing soft skill, life coaching, motivation and succession planning. She has created various therapy tools to deepen the effect of therapy. This includes The Legacy Gene, The HIP Technique and the I Sound Pharmacy (isoundpharmacy.com).

Prakriti became a doctor of alternate medicine in the system of Hypnotherapy in 2004. She is a certified counselor, a certified regression therapist and Member of earTH, a NLP practitioner and has runs her own practice since 2001. She is amongst the first to add Neurofeedback in her clinic in India.

Additionally she is the Managing Trustee of the Poddar Foundation. Her passion is mental health and wellbeing and therefore the foundation focuses on Mental Health. This foundation marries technology and ancient wisdom to deliver contemporary and effective solutions.

Prakriti balances her day between therapy, overseeing the foundation work and her three children, always leaving time for her passion in tennis.

Widely recognized as one of the best mental health experts in Mumbai, Dr. Prakriti Poddar was the first to introduce biofeedback into her clinic. She integrated a holistic approach to mental health counseling in Mumbai, using scientific tools to enhance and better equip her therapy sessions. Spending more than a decade learning, honing and developing new skills in order to treat overall mental health from depression to personality development, hypnotherapy and many others, she’s created a space that offers the best counseling for mental health in Mumbai






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About Dr. Prakriti Poddar

Dr. Prakriti Poddar started healing at a very early age. She started Mind Over Image in 2001 and has been Consulting with corporates and Individuals since. Her extensive experience in the fields of Consulting, Hypnotherapy and Counseling has led to hundreds of satisfied clients.

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