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To develop the wisdom and awareness by which people learn to value their own uniqueness and build their skills to improve the quality of their experiences in life.

Hypnotherapy in Mumbai, India


In our conscious mind, we store the memory of whatever problems we face and also any traumatic experience.

Past life Regression treatment in mumbai, india

Past life Regression

Are you someone who is having persistent problems or facing any troubling behavior that you don’t have the answer to?

neuro linguistic programming therapy in mumbai, india

Neuro Linguistic Program

If you are looking to achieve specific goals in your life which you want to but due to some reason you are not able to do so.

Personal Life Coaching in mumbai, india

Personal Life Coaching

Many people now days are opting for this option. So, you may be wondering that whether you should opt for personal life coaching and you definitely should.

Wellness Coach Programs in mumbai, india

Wellness Coach Program

You can see now days that many people are hiring wellness coach and taking wellness coaching program all over the world.

Dr. Prakriti Poddar has extensive experience in the fields of Consulting, Hypnotherapy and Counseling has led to hundreds of satisfied clients.

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Productive HR Counseling Skills & Business Etiquette. Personality Development Program – Verbal, Non Verbal, Listening, Stress Management, Dining Etiquette, Courtesy And Manners

Hindustan Levers Limited

( Hindustan Inks; The Bilakhia Family )

Etiquette, Communication Skills, Interview Skills, Productive HR Counselling Skills, Giving and Receiving Feedback.

United Phosphorus Limited

( United Phosphorus Limited Team )

Leadership And Motivation, Communication, Quality Of Performance, Presentation, Stress Management, Decision Making, Giving and Receiving Feedback, American Accent Training, Coaching And Mentoring.

Zenta Group

( Zenta Management Development Program )

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IMAGE: Dr Prakriti Poddar uses past incidents and hypnotism to heal people.

Do you need to see a hypnotherapist?

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‘Earlier it was a stigma to discuss mental problems. But I get more patients for past life regression as in India people believe in rebirth and karma,’ Dr Prakriti Poddar, who uses hypnotism to treat illnesses, tells A Ganesh Nadar. Have you ever had the need to meet a hypnotherapist? A hypnotherapist is not your

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Break your barriers and reclaim yourself

At any point in our life, we have the ability to reclaim what we feel is missing:  Joy Love Money Success Happiness   This is possible once you have truly empowered from within. Learn how to empower yourself from within at Mind Over Image.  Address: Poddar Group Building, Neeru Silk Mills, Mathuradas Mill compund, 126 NM

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Change in Date due to the clash with the Delhi Art Fair, & Venue due to complications. Thank you to all those who have registered, hope this suits you as well. Please share this with other art lovers as this may be the only time Sandhini will be sharing herself with us.

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Living In Creativity

When one thinks of creativity the first thing that crosses our minds are artists, authors, designers etc., people who use creativity in their everyday life. And if we are in traditional jobs, we assume that their is no room for creativity, I mean, we are after all, just a cog in the wheel. We do

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Aligning To Your Soul’s Desire

As the world celebrates Mental Health Awareness Day on 10th October, I’m thankful that the topic of mental health is being discussed on the global level. But there’s still a long way to go in order to understand, emphasize and help the issues surrounding mental health. The facts and statistics surrounding mental health in India

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