Team Building

MOI Team Building workshops have proven extremely effective for many organizations around the world seeking team building services.

What makes successful teams?

  1. Why teams fail Planning, reviewing and supervising
  2. Communication skills; verbal and non-verbal Team building exercises and tasks
  3. Influencing skills and motivation techniques
  4. Leadership styles, skills, methods and approaches
  5. Appreciation of leadership, delegation, awareness of others
  6. Problem solving, decision making, lateral thinking, use of resources, Language and the ability to think on your feet
  7. Night time exercise optional – but highly recommended!
  8. Running dynamic, positive and successful meetings

Our programs are based on an experiential methodology that integrates traditional training techniques with practical exercises. Experiential activities are followed by a de-briefing process which maximizes transfer of learning to the workplace.

Mind Over Image design and deliver programs based on your organization’s specific needs. Programs include leadership training, sales, motivation and personal development.

Mind Over Image Consulting drives your team to their ultimate potential, but setting the team building and training in challenging surroundings. We take them from horse safari’s in Rajasthan to trekking and rafting in the Himalayas and Bhutan, or Deep Sea diving in Lakshadweep.
These training courses help team members build their skills and meet the changing needs and interests in the work and economic environment. The team members are forced to face challenges and overcome fears. This encourages group togetherness, increases skill set as well as group dynamics.

Mind Over Image also offers trips that make for the perfect executive team building and brain-storming retreat or off-site.

Below are a few sample trips (please keep in mind we customize all our retreats based on your requirements) to give you an idea of what these off-sites / retreats entail.

1 – Into the Jungle (jungle based off-site that includes plenty of Wildlife plus talks / video’s etc. with Wildlife experts)

2 – The Spa and Nature retreat (nature based in a 40 acre estate full of tree’s, lake, spa, etc.

3 – Desert Nights (Desert camp combined with Spa)

4 – The Royal Getaway (secluded haveli surrounded by hills)

Please keep in mind that the Outdoor Team Building is client specific depending the need. The proposal is made after a thorough analysis of the company and its requirement.

Click here for a presentation on our outdoor training packages.

Mind Over Image Consulting provides the team building activities on company premises. There are various games and role plays aimed at building communication and rapport between team mates. This is specially beneficial when forming new teams.

We incorporate the company’s vision in everything that we do. We help team members develop new skills as well as refresh old ones.

Team Building:

  1. What Makes Successful Teams?
  2. Why Teams Fail?
  3. Planning, Reviewing And Supervision.
  4. Communication: Verbal And Non-Verbal
  5. Influencing Skills And Motivation Techniques
  6. Leadership Styles, Skills, Methods And Approaches
  7. Appreciation Of Leadership, Delegation, Awareness Of Others
  8. Problem Solving, Decision Making, Lateral Thinking, Use Of Resources, Language And The Ability To Think On Your Feet
  9. Running Dynamic, Positive And Successful Meetings
  10. Different Types Of Groups
  11. Group Behaviour Model
  12. Group Member Resources
  13. Group Structure
  14. Stages Of Group Development
  15. Shaping Team Players.

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About Dr. Prakriti Poddar

Dr. Prakriti Poddar started healing at a very early age. She started Mind Over Image in 2001 and has been Consulting with corporates and Individuals since. Her extensive experience in the fields of Consulting, Hypnotherapy and Counseling has led to hundreds of satisfied clients.

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