What you should definitely know about Neurofeedback treatment

Mind Over Image brings to India groundbreaking technology for Neurofeedback therapy and treatment. With the world gravitating towards efficient solutions to mental health issues, Neuro feedback has taken the center stage. Mind Over Image Consulting has brought down from Los Angeles the best practices along with training and the top of the line software and equipment to launch its program of Neurofeedback therapy in India.

Our cutting edge technology is from Bee Medic.

What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is a makes use of real time display of the brain activity and to teach the self-regulation of the brain function, electroencephalography is most commonly used. It measures brain waves in order to produce a signal which is used as a feedback to teach the self-regulation of the function of the brain. This is provided by using audio or videos, along with the positive feedback for the suitable brain activity and negative feedback for the unsuitable brain activity.

What are some uses of Neurofeedback?

As mentioned earlier, Neurofeedback is one of the most promising therapies that are used for treating a variety of diseases and disorders. Here, we will discuss some of the uses of Neurofeedback and how it is effective in treating and these are listed below:

  • Neurofeedback is one of the best treatments for ADHD. In fact, Neurofeedback is graded very highly with level 1 by the American Academy of Pediatrics. In fact, many other concrete evidences show that it indeed helps with treating the ADHD condition in children.
  • Other medical related uses of Neurofeedback are mainly for a wide range of conditions which are brain related. This therapy treatment has been used for treating pain, aggression, addiction, depression, autism, insomnia, schizophrenia and various other conditions as well. It is also effective in treating brain damages due to various reasons such as: trauma, stroke, etc. Not only these, there are also some lesser known disorders, for example: Auditory processing disorder and working memory deficit.
  • The above paragraph only showed the medical uses of Neurofeedback. But did you know that Neurofeedback also has beneficial uses outside medical uses as well? Yes! There are a variety of non-medical conditions which are treated by Neurofeedback.
  • Neurofeedback therapy is applied to enhance the performance in the fields of sports, arts, music, dance, acting, and have great applications in the workplace etc.

What is the result that can be expected from the Neurofeedback therapy?

Here, we will discuss the effective result that one can definitely expect and these are mentioned below:

  • More calm feeling
  • Enhanced mental clarity and sharper focus
  • Reduced fear
  • Better response and appropriate according to the situation
  • Feeling more comfortable and lighter as well
  • Greater motivation
  • Increased ability to successfully complete tasks and goals

Which areas of function are greatly improved with Neurofeedback therapy?

There are various functions which are greatly improved and these are:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Sleep disorder
  • Depression
  • Relieving from learning disorders
  • Reduced trauma symptoms
  • Anger
  • Injuries of the brain and head
  • low self esteem
  • addiction issues
  • PSTD

So, how does Neurofeedback therapy actually work?

The brain is the main controller of the body. Our brain is designed to adapt to the alterations that take place in the body and the surrounding environment as well. But sometimes, the brain, due to various circumstances may stop functioning properly, causing various types of issues that hinder the personal growth of a person. Many times, the brain may correct itself, but in some cases, the brain may not correct itself. If the brain doesn’t correct itself, the brain starts to accept this and it becomes the new norm. The main job of the Neurofeedback is to re-train the brain just the way it is designed to. In many cases, other effective treatments are combined with this therapy. This therapy regulates the brain, therefore, allowing the person to modify the thoughts and the behavior as well.

Being a new process, Neurofeedback therapy in India is unfamiliar. Although, because of its sensational benefits Mind Over Image is striving to enhance the reach of this technology. With a Professional Neurofeedback therapist in India, our center is one of the centers that provides the most effective Neurofeedback therapy in India.

So, if you are looking for an effective and efficient solution any of your problems, our Neurofeedback therapy will definitely be able to help you to get rid of your problems the easy way, which may seem impossible to you in the first instance but made easy with our therapy.

Reach out to us for the quickest way to train your brain.

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