Power of You

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Power of You

We all have our picture of an ideal life
And we have all been given the ability to devise
The creation of the dream is within our grasp
The responsibility of owning them is our only task.

If life seems to be taking unwanted turns, look within
It’s always some insecurity that your soul brings
You are not a helpless victim in your world
Control of your own happiness you have furled.

Remember that everyday he sends us clues, be aware
Let them make you stronger, see how you fare
When caught in a situation, zoom yourself out
Owning what the learning is all about.

You might have the knowledge of how to be happy
Beware of the cycle that makes the decision unhealthy
When getting out of a situation, come out clean
Don’t look for someone upon whom to lean.

You will be caught in that same mess
You want to grow stronger and that is the test
You want equality, respect and love to share
Then throw away your fears and begin to dare.

There will be people in your life that will walk with you
People to guide you through some blues
Accept them solely in this very role
Don’t expect them to be there in order to console

I will be the mirror to your SWOT analysis
I will point to you your emotional paralysis
Start tuning all your attention in
Start listening to every word your soul sings.

Your decisions should be made right through your heart
It is where the truth actually starts
The strength is what you are not seeing
The power of YOU is surrounding your being.


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